Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Safe Trading Compendium

Author : Luci

Beware of scammers!!!
Be wary at all times when it comes to trades. You are dealing with traders from all around the world, and a small percentage of them are simply not trustworthy. Moderators at GCF do their very best with resources available to them in order to create a safe trading environment. However, all of you need to do your best so as to help yourselves. These forums are not overseen by Square Enix officially, so if you're the victim of a scam, you might not be able to retrieve what was stolen from you. Don't feed them the scammers. It makes it much harder for everybody to compete competitively if you're fooled by them.

Warning signs

1. Low rep:
Let’s be honest, forum reputation systems (whether numerical rep at GCF or interpersonal familiarity on other forums or trading channels) have inherent flaws to them as none are completely foolproof to scammers. However, if you're careful, you can generally avoid having your precious 5 star cards and other resources such as stones and feeders stolen from you. Take time to review a person's past transactions, in order to determine if he is trustworthy or not. A person with many 5 star transactions won't likely risk banishment from the forums; because it is a valuable resource to him or her. Whereas a person with many rep, but all very small transactions like stones or slime exchanges doesn't necessarily mean they are indeed trustworthy. Of course there are always new forum users all the time, but be on the lookout for risky or compromising transactions which might be vulnerable to scamming or even having your account restricted for accepting illicitly acquired cards (dupes or fakes).  

2. Trade-locked scammers:
These are your typical low-lives that purposely lock themselves out of being able to trade to entice you to gift your trade first. These people tend to be very pushy and offer extremely generous trades. Once you send over a majority or all of the trade items, you might never hear from them again. For large stone transactions, be absolutely sure you can trust them. Otherwise it's not worth the risk. Ace reborn cards or premium best types are rarely sold for stones. If the offer appears to be too good to be true, then it’s possibly a scam. If a person is trade locked, wait for them to either complete the trade or trade the next day after the daily trade reset time so that the trade is sent back to him or her. Do not give into pressure; it's one of most easily recognizable tell-tale sign of a scammer.

3. Catalog swap scammers:
Yet another way thieves will try to steal your cards by asking for help in order to fill out their catalog by borrowing your rare 5 star cards. Collateral prevents scammers from not returning your 5 star after completing a catalog entry. This implies that if you wouldn’t actually trade for his/her collateral, do not risk your card. It cannot be stressed enough! Helping others is always a good thing, but if it puts you at risk; don't do it. It's not right for them to ask you to rely on trust alone. For this reason, a lot of catalog swaps will need to be planned during the short period between coliseums. Also, never use Aces, best types, or otherwise reborn/developed cards for swaps. There is no need to risk those at all. You could easily turn an honest person into a swindler that way as the temptation to steal is much greater this way. Don't do it!

4. Un-solicited gifts:
If your IGN is known, (which is possible if your IGN is posted online or in your forum signature) it's possible for scammers to put your account at high risk by sending duped or illicit freebies. It's recommended that you send these back to the sender. However, if you accidentally accept the gifts; DO NOT PANIC! Instead, feed them to your low star guardians and sell them for GP immediately. Do not keep these in your gift inbox or your card inventory because those are scanned for illicit cards as well. Review your gifts before accepting or hitting the "take all" feature of your trade/gift inbox. 

5. Dubious or clearly hacked cards:
Check available resources such as GCX for a list of all possible abilities a guardian can learn. Does the Morrighan or Atlas you're trading for learn greater heal? If it has an ability, it cannot learn; it’s an obvious fake which will put your account at high risk. Border cards gained from coliseum rewards cannot be ace type, so watch out for those as well.
Even if your game profile has never been hacked, accepting a trade for an illicit guardian is grounds for permanent restriction of your in-game account. Square Enix's ban-hammer swings fast and unexpectedly so be warned. Though it may not be possible for everybody, one helpful way to prevent dupes from entering your account is to let a suspect trade guardian "incubate" in a 3rd party's inactive account for a day or two, to filter out the illicit ones. If it is does turn out to be illicit, you may have lost your trade card, but it's much more preferable than losing your entire account.
6. Forum name and IGN discrepancies:

Low level accounts with very highly developed cards can be, but not always; a sign of high risk. Often, these can be borrowed IGNs from high level accounts, but it's not typical that they indulge in trading directly. Strange random IGNs can be harder to track down, and are likely a spare account held by scammers. Another sub-set of these types of scammers are your impersonators that pretend to be a reputable trading partner on another site. They might constantly try to assure you they are indeed trustworthy, but if they ask you to put yourself in a compromising situation, it's likely they may be out to scam you. If it looks and feels fishy, don't put yourself at risk. 
7. Guardian does not match trade description by seller:
Always check the type and development of your trade. Type and skill discrepancies can make or break the card's value. Be sure to check if the guardian being traded matches the description given by the seller and review each card carefully before accepting a trade. Square Enix has improved the trading system by allowing cards to be reviewed before completing the trade. Make sure, that you take a screenshot of the card inside the trade request and cross check the details with GCX before proceeding with the completion of the trade. Screenshots can also act as evidence in case you have been scammed or if you realize that the card is illicit, the forum moderators can take action against such users.

Despite following these guidelines, one cannot be completely immune to scams since sometimes one can be scammed by their close friends as well. Such scams are unavoidable but have a life’s lesson hidden in them. Hopefully this guide can help everyone protect their valuables and avoid getting scammed. Thanks for reading!

Scammers BEWARE: Your days are numbered!!!


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