Friday, May 3, 2013

Trading Basics Compendium

Author : Luci


Players from around the world can interact in-game to trade resources and improve their party. Players can initiate trades by searching for a specific IGN  (in-game name) and initiating a trade or gift. These trades will then be sent to the person you are dealing with so they can either accept and send back a trade, or reject by hitting the discard button of the trade screen. Once a trade is sent to you, you will also be given the chance to review your trade and either accept or discard the trade just as the other player.

Rebirth has created a new market, and encourages trading for specific guardian types to reborn new powerful and special types (bold, wise, sonic, etc) to enhance a specific guardian's greatest assets. Trading is essential for competitive play. Here are the various types of trades you might encounter.

Catalog trade
Providing catalog help to traders can be a valuable resource. By providing these catalog services, traders can complete catalog pages for lucrative rewards such as free SHT, stones, potions, and skill stones in exchange for a few silver slimes per guardian or group of guardians. The going rate is usually 1-2 SS per low tier guardian, and up to 1 GS for rare and high tier guardians such as FFIV and FFV guardians. If you're friends with the person, they might even do it for free or for catalog of something they themselves need. Oftentimes, it is standard to provide collateral. In other words the borrower must usually provide another 5 star guardian of roughly equal value to prevent the other person from losing or having their cards stolen.  

Silver Slimes (SS) trades
Slime trading is one of the very basic methods to get started and build your party up. These slimes are very valuable resources as they level cards very efficiently Since these cards are so cheap, it's a great place for newbies to buy good, unleveled, 4 stars for a few silver slimes a piece. Silver slimes can also be exchanged for stones or gold slimes if you have an excess. Furthermore farming slimes can be a good way to get you started in the stone trading market which can be exchanged for unneeded 5 stars. 

2*/3* feeder trading
This is one method of exchanging low level cards to level up your 4 or 5 star cards. Since specific type feeders level up the same type cards at a higher rate, it might be worth your time to exchange these with others that may need a different set of feeder. Be aware that the limit of gifting is 30 per game day since it will be easy to hit this mark when trading low level feeders.

Stone trading
Stones are the most readily accepted currency in this game. In real life, these would be the dollar amount you'd spend to buy something, whereas accepting 5 star trades would be like accepting a personal check in a large sum for payment. Stone trading can be an easy way to buy the guardians you need. Furthermore, sellers can sell unneeded cards for stones, then turn around and use them to buy the cards they do need. In addition, these can be added in to fill in the gap between different cards of different values as toppers in trades to make deals more even for the buyer and seller. Selling unneeded 5 stars or other items is in your best interest as cards tend to depreciate in value and usefulness in time whereas stone values remain relatively constant and largely unaffected by market forces over large periods of time. However, trading stones does come with a downside due to trading limitations in-game. For instance, large stone transactions can be very risky (see safe trading compendium).

4* trades/ non-5 star trades

In this market, 4 stars are given very low weight. These cards are often made more valuable as feeders for 5 star cards than they are for usefulness in battle. Reborn has created a large market for these 4*s since leveling can be very time consuming and cost a lot of GP.  The increased leveling requirements is now over three times what it once was, therefore the demand for these feeders remains high. Once these fully leveled 4*'s are no longer needed in your party, they can be sold for stones, and multiples can be sold to purchase 5 stars or used as currency toppers in 5 star trades. Stoning and high development of these cards will almost always see a very high loss in initial investment. The depreciation of these is generally highest. Only a few top ace 4* might be worth your while to invest in. For type references to improve the quality of your deck,  refer to the 4* Card Compendium or other resources such as GCX or GCF.

5 star trading
This comprises the bulk of trading cards, knowing card values relative to each other will get you far in the game. These are the several different types of 5 star trading which you might encounter. Knowing how to utilize these trades will allow you to utilize your deck resources efficiently. For type references to improve the quality of your deck,  refer to the 5* Card Compendium or other resources such as GCX or GCF.

Trading up/Trading down
Trading up is a type of 5 star trading involves trading your bad types for better types by adding the right amount of toppers to compensate your trading partner for the difference in type. This allows you to to reborn new types such as sonic or wise cards efficiently. These can typically be topped with a proper stone amount or with other 5 star cards. When trading up, your trading partner will be interested in trading down their cards. Some of those people will be interested in rebirthing an Ace or Cool type cards. Since rebirth fodder for Ace or Cool type cards do not take preference to different types, one could  downgrade their decent or best type card for a poor type or worst type card and collect additional resources.

Ace 5 star trading
Once you've improved your deck enough to a full deck of reborn cards, it might be time to dabble in the ace trading market. These lucrative 5 stars are the most desirable to own, so the price of them will also be much higher than than the best types reborn of the same guardian. Prices for these are usually very difficult to to pinpoint, so successful ace trading is very advanced and will require successful negotiations and feedback from both parties to come to an amicable trade. Knowing values is key since profit and loss margins are high with these trades. When trading for these aces, be on heightened alert for illicit cards as these could put your account at risk (see safe trading compendium)

Border card trading
Battle in the coliseum rewards players with various limited edition cards that can be used exclusively in Veteran, Elite and the new special coliseum.
Great- These bronze-bordered 5 stars often pale in comparison to their mighty and almighty counterparts. As a result, undesirable great cards of poor type might be sold and used as feeder cards when fully leveled.
Mighty- Up to three different  mighty cards can be used in the new veteran coliseum. Powerful silver-bordered mighties with good types often will sell for a very high price as they will be even more powerful than many of the best ace 5 stars.
Almighty- These extremely powerful gold-bordered cards are limited to elite or special coliseum play. Values for these cards can vary extremely wildly. Similar to ace trading, the opportunity for profit or loss is also very high with these cards. The highest tiered and best typed almighties will typically be the most expensive cards to trade for whereas other undesirable almighties with poor types can be traded for rather cheaply. For type references to improve the quality of your deck,  refer to the Almighty Card Compendium or other resources such as GCX or GCF.

There are still a few other forms of trading such as Real Money Trading(RMT), Cross Trading etc. which will not be covered in this guide since it isn't allowed by Square Enix and also in the GuadrianCross-Forums. This guide should help new comers understand the basics of trading and how to acquire a better card deck and thus a better gaming experience through trading.

Guardian Cross is ultimately a trading card game. Part of the fun of the game is working together, for mutually beneficial trades. Though you might make some costly mistakes trading, keep at it, and surely you'll become a much more craftier trader, able to climb to the highest ranks of competition. Have fun with the game, and take time to make some beneficial alliances and friends along the way.


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