Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Enhancement Experience Calc Tool

Author : mbr                          

This is a feeder experience Calculation Tool. Please follow the instructions inside the excel sheet


  1. Hello

    very very good idea and very good job easy to use!

    it s possible to had max feeder 2* ans max feeder 1*

    If you enhance you event card 3* type none for enhance your 5* different type it s more interesting or no ?

    Thanks a lot

  2. Hmm... Actually, I don't see the point of using max 2* and 1* guardians for leveling up. Simply too wasteful of GP and exp. We are still unsure of the effects of same or different element for non-level 1 guardians. Also we have not included any level 1 five star guardians in the list, reason being it is not commonly used for enchancing.

    If you want to use a mix of 1* and 2* guardians for enhancing, the cost would be somewhere in between using all 1* and all using just 2*. We do have another version where we added mixed feeders calculations, but it may not be useful to most players.

    We can release it if more people would like to have that function available. What is does is to allow you to see how much exp you will get and how much GP used as you add on guardian by guardian... We think it will be useful if you want to economize and not to waste the exp from the feeders that you worked so hard to get.


      GO PACK GO

  3. There seems to be something wrong with the calculator. In "cover page" if you want to level from 54 to 60, it says you need about 11 silver slimes. If you go to Advanced Calc and try to manually add 11, it says your guardian will be 59. Even if you manually put 16 silver chickens in advanced, it says you will still be 59... so which one is correct? Cover or Advanced?

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