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5* Card Compendium

5* Card Conpendium

Author : Alan

CoAuthors :  Luci , nutmagz                CoEditors : LapresisPlitzskinVoidwingDyzeeTeh427

Disclaimer: This guide is an attempt to write a basic yet satisfactory and essentially unbiased perspective for Guardian Cross 5* Cards with bare facts. I have tried to be as unbiased as possible giving necessary information and covering as much as I could while trying to not enforce any subjectivity from my side. The guide is objective but not ignorant.The types have been ordered as per my perspective. However I have only allowed the order to be tacit and masked. If there are any changes needed in the type order, please gather a consensus and shoot me a PM on the forums with valid reasons and I shall make the change. If there is any additional information to be added please have a consensus on the matter and recommend it to me and I shall modify the guide appropriately. Hope this guide is useful for everyone. 


+ : Rebirth 
Physical : Physical build  
Elemental: Elemental build 
Dual : Both Physical and Elemental builds are possible
X/Dual or Dual/X: Primary Recommended/Secondary is optional 
Skill order : Skills are not in the order they are received, but in the order of importance 
Type order: Ace> Good Types > Decent Types > Bad types
GCX Link : Card Info Link to Guardian Cross Toolbox site 
Name: Card Name
Caster Type : Fundamental build for the card based on the ace type and the innate skills. 

Rebirth Skill: Lvl 70 post rebirth skill 
Pros: Factual Pros with minimal bias 
Cons: Factual Cons with minimal bias 
Recommended Skills: Prior to rebirth skill set. The first set is the Ideal set. The rest are variations. Use them with caution at your own risk 
Recommended Skills+: Post rebirth skill set. The first is ideal for both usage and trades. Use the rest at your own risk. 
Recommended Types: Prior to rebirth. Based on stats and usage 
Recommended Types+: Post rebirth type order. Based on stats and usage

Pros and Cons: The grades for Pros and Cons are based on the following table for Cool level 60 Fully-Stoned card stats

Extremely Low
Stat < 2500
Very Low
2500 < Stat< 2700
2700 < Stat< 3000
3000 < Stat< 3300
3300 < Stat< 3650
Very High
3650 < Stat< 4000
Extremely High
Stat > 4000

Note: All analysis based mostly on information on GCX, my comprehension about the game and my trading expertise.
For any advanced information, you can check the following two links :
GuardianCrossToolbox ( GCX) : GuardianCrossX 

Contents : 

Berneside Plains
Berneside Plains (Night)
Glaverow Volcanic Zone
Glaverow Volcano - Giant Shadows
Storm Reach Snowfield
Deadmoon Desert
Cerulean Deep
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Redemption, Invitation & Comeback Bonus


Name :  Leviathan
GCX Link :  Leviathan 
Caster Type : Dual  
Rebirth Card: Leviathan
Rebirth Skill : Revive

Pros : Moderately high attack and defense. Gets Revive post rebirth.
Cons : Low wisdom and moderately low HP. Low survivability. Low OHKO ability
Recommended Skills: Phys+4, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+: Revive, Phys+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Chaotic > Powerful :Intelligent: Brave> Cool : Sexy  
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Bold > Berserk : Wise : Stalwart>Cool+: Erotic
General Description: Leviathan gets a moderate attack and defense stat for it to serve the role of a tank/wall, although its peers are more likely to do a better job than it. After rebirth, it gets 'Revive', which will definitely buy the user's lineup more time to turn the battle in their favor if luck is on their side. Leviathan does have rather low wisdom however, so it will fall more easily to elemental attacks than physical attacks. Leviathan users should skill it with Phys4 to replace Phys3 to make Leviathan more viable in your lineup. 

Name :  Titan

GCX Link : Titan 
Caster Type : Physical  
Rebirth Card : Titan
Rebirth Skill: Atk+25%  
Pros : High attack and defense. Gets +25% Atk buff post rebirth to complement +20% Atk buff
Cons : Low agility and wisdom which makes it slow and weak to elemental attacks respectively  
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Def+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:Atk+25, Atk+20, Phys+4
Recommended Types: Ace > Chaotic : Powerful > Brave : Fast:Cool >Sexy : Intelligent 
Recommended Types+: Ace+ >Bold:Berserk > Sonic : Cool+ : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise 
General Description: Titan has a healthy attack and HP stat, and he also gets Att20 and Def20. With that, Titan is built towards tanking physical attacks and dealing high OHKO physical attacks. When reborn, he gets Att25, a skill that further raises his OHKO capabilities. He does not need any re-skilling, but the newer guardians are faster and about as strong as he is. It is good to ensure that his placing in your lineup gives him a turn in battle.

Name :  Phoenix

GCX Link : Phoenix 
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card : Phoenix
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Wis+10%  
Pros : Revive pre-rebirth, high agility and moderately high wisdom
Cons : Mostly moderate stats all around, Needs +4 element skill stone to maximize killing potential. Moderately low MP; needs to be stoned before able to double cast 

Recommended Skills:Revive, Def+20, Elem+4 || Revive, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+ :Revive,Atk+10/Wis+10,Elem+4 ||Revive,Elem+4,Elem+4 
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Intelligent > Brave : Cool:Sexy> Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ > Sonic:Wise> Cool+ : Erotic : Stalwart > Berserk : Bold 
General Description: Phoenix is a guardian that has the skill ‘Revive’ and a user of fire-based attacks. It has lower stats in general than its peers in Berneside Plains. In addition, the Phoenix needs a +4 elemental skill stone to be able to function better in one’s lineup. When Phoenix is reborn, it gains Att10Wis10, which can only boost either its physical or its elemental attack, as it cannot afford to lose ‘Revive’ or Att10Wis10 with a maximum of 3 skills per guardian.

Name :  Valkyrie

GCX Link : Valkyrie 
Caster Type : Dual  
Rebirth Card : Valkyrie
Rebirth Skill: Wis+25% 
Pros : Moderately high agility and wisdom. Gets +25% Wis buff post rebirth to complement high Wis for strong elemental offense.  
Cons : Moderately low HP & Defense meaning that it will be killed with one attack easily   
Recommended Skills: Atk+20, Phys+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Wis+25, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Intelligent > Brave:Cool> Powerful : Sexy : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+ :Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ >Erotic:Berserk : Bold 
General Description: Valkyrie is innately skilled to be a dual caster with Att20, a fairly decent agility stat and a high base wisdom stat. When reborn, she gets Wis25, and her OHKO abilities as an elemental guardian increase significantly. A wise Valkyrie can do better than a ace reborn Valkyrie in that regard because the former would be more fragile than the latter but have better wisdom than an ace reborn. Users of reborn Valkyries would do well to replace Att20 with a trending elemental attack and keep Wis25 to increase the scope of guardians she can kill with one cast.

Name : Vampire Matron

GCX Link :VampireMatron 
Caster Type : Dual  
Rebirth Card :Vampire Matron
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10%  
Pros :Revive pre-rebirth, decent post-rebirth skill Agi/Wis +10% buff
Cons : Moderate stats all around, needs a +4 element skill stonetomaximize killing potential

Recommended Skills:Revive, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Revive, Agi/Wis+10, Elem+4 || Revive, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types : Ace > Intelligent : Fast >Brave :Cool : Sexy> Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ >Erotic:Berserk : Bold 
General Description: Being a death element guardian and a user of ‘Revive’, the Vampire Matron can last long in battles if lucky. However, she is very skill-stone dependent before and after rebirth as she does not have any +4 attacks to her name innately. Users of Vampire Matron should note that a lot of stones investing would have to be placed in her for her to truly shine because her stats are modest in comparison to other 5*. Her stat distribution shifts her towards being an elemental guardian rather than a physical guardian although she can double as either.

Name :  Apsara

GCX Link : Apsara 
Caster Type : Elemental  
Rebirth Card : Apsara
Rebirth Skill:Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros : Moderately high agility and high wisdom. Increased one shot kill potential with post-rebirth skill Agi/Wis+10% buff  
Cons : Moderately low HP, attack & defense implies that it can be taken out easily with one shot
Recommended Skills: Wis-20, Agi+20, Elem+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+: Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4 || Wis-20, Agi/Wis+10, Elem+4||Agi/Wis+10,Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool:Sexy> Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+> Erotic :Berserk: Bold 
General Description: Apsara has a healthy wisdom and agility stat which prompts users to place her in their lineups for speed-oriented or for elemental attack lineups. Her rebirth skill also supplements that, and she has no casting issues. Unfortunately, she will have survivability issues with a low HP and defense stat. Some users have considered just keeping the Agi10Wis10 and replace the Agi20 with another elemental+4 for better OHKO coverage.

Name :  Azi Dahaka

GCX Link :Azi Dahaka 
Caster Type : Elemental  
Rebirth Card : Azi Dahaka
Rebirth Skill: Def/Wis+10%  
Pros : High HP, moderate attack and wisdom, with Wis-20% debuff that improves killing potential. Post rebirth skill Def/Wis+10% buff slightly improves offense and survivability
Cons : Low defense and agility implies it's one-shot-killed easily and slow respectively.
Recommended Skills:Wis-20, Agi-20, Elem+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Wis-20, Def/Wis+10, Elem+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4||Def/Wis+10,Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Brave:Cool> Powerful : Sexy : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ :Berserk>Erotic > Bold 
General Description: Azi Dahaka learns debuffs Agi-20 and Wis-20, and gets Def10Wis10 buff when reborn. Hardly any guardians use Earth+4 due to the elemental trends now favoring darkness in general, which is a plus for Azi as he blocks Darkness damage better with his element on top of his decent wisdom stat. Nevertheless, he has a low agility stat and will need to be perfect placement to last longer in higher-tier coliseum battles.

Name: Frankenstein

GCX Link : Frankenstein 
Caster Type : Physical 
Rebirth Card :Frankenstein
Rebirth Skill : Def+25% 
Pros : Very high HP and attack. Moderately high defense. Defense improved significantly with post rebirth skill +25% Def buff 
Cons : Slow due to moderately low agility. Moderate wisdom makes him weak to elemental attacks. Lack of attack buffs lowers his OHKO ability 
Recommended Skills:Phys+4, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Def+25, Phys+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types: Ace> Chaotic : Powerful > Brave : Fast : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent 
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ >Bold:Berserk > Sonic : Cool+ : Stalwart > Wise : Erotic  
General Description: Unlike Titan, Frankenstein has a better stat distribution and a death element which blocks wind attacks. However, he does not have the stat buffs like Titan has to boost his attacking and tanking capabilities. Nevertheless, Frankenstein will get the skill Def25 after rebirth. Coupling that with his healthy HP and attack, he can make a good wall that can still attack often in some coliseum battles. Frankenstein users may skill him with a +4 elemental skill to boost his attacking capabilities, although it is not really necessary as his Phys4 and Def25 will suffice, plus he has a low agility and wisdom stat and may not last more than one turn most coliseum battles.

Name :  Gargantua

GCX Link : Gargantua 
Caster Type : Physical  
Rebirth Card: Gargantua
Rebirth Skill: Atk+25%  
Pros : Very high HP, attack, and post-rebirth skill Atk +25% buff improves OHKO ability significantly
Cons : Moderately low MP means that it needs to be MP stoned before it can be able to double cast. Low agility makes it slow to attack
RecommendedSkills:Phys+4, Phys+3, Phys+2  
RecommendedSkills+:Atk+25, Phys+4, Phys+3  
RecommendedTypes: Ace > Chaotic : Powerful > Brave : Fast:Cool> Sexy : Intelligent 
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ >Bold:Berserk > Sonic : Cool+ : Stalwart > Wise : Erotic
General Description: Gargantuan has a good HP and attack stat both pre- and post-rebirth, and it is recommended that it be used as a physical attack guardian/tank. His attacking capabilities are further enhanced with the rebirth skill Att25. His other stats are not as amazing and he has to be reborn to fully maximize his OHKO ability. He should be fully stoned in agility immediately if he wants to deal some damage in battles.  
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Name :  Andromeda
GCX Link :  Andromeda

Caster Type : Elemental 

Rebirth Card: Andromeda

Rebirth Skill : Agi+25%

Pros :
Very high wisdom for OHKO. Has 'Full Barrier' to tank elemental attacks

Cons : Moderate Defense

Recommended Skills: Full Barrier, Wis25, Water4

Recommended Skills+:
Full Barrier, Wis25, Water4
Recommended Types: Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave > Cool : Sexy > Chaotic > Powerful

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Stalwart > Cool+ > Erotic > Bold > Berserk
General Description: Andromeda has a very high wisdom stat with Wis25 that sets it apart from others as a guardian that deals one of the best elemental attacks to date. She also gets ‘Full Barrier’ to significantly boost her elemental defenses against other elemental users. She can still be countered by strong physical attackers if they act before she does. It is recommended in general that Andromeda’s rebirth skill, Agi25, be excluded from her skill set as she serves much better as one who OHKO and defends against elemental attacks, instead of serving as an ATB filler.

Name :  Dwarven Tank
GCX Link : 
Dwarven Tank
Caster Type : Elemental  

Rebirth Card:
Dwarven Tank
Rebirth Skill : Att/Wis+10%  

Pros :
Has Mecha+4, very high base HP, agility & wisdom stats

Cons :
Brave/Stalwart types have MP issues

Recommended Skills: Wis20, Def25, Mecha+4

Recommended Skills+: Wis20, Mecha+4, Att10Wis10

Recommended Types: Ace> Fast : Intelligent > Cool > Sexy > Chaotic > Brave > Powerful

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Cool+ > Erotic > Stalwart : Bold > Berserk
General Description: Dwarven Tank is the first 5* Mecha guardian to get Phantom Gear, which is the Mecha4 skill. This greatly improves Dwarven Tank’s chances against Death and Light guardians by dealing critical attacks with Mecha4. In addition, with a high base HP, agility and wisdom stat, Dwarven Tank can deal attacks often and take damage from light attacks better, compared to most other Mecha guardians which have lower base wisdom stats.

Name :  Ladon
GCX Link :  Ladon

Caster Type : Physical  

Rebirth Card:
Rebirth Skill : Ethereal Pulse  

Pros : Very high HP, attack and defense. Gets 'Ethereal Pulse' post rebirth.

Cons :
Moderately low agility and wisdom. Brave/Stalwart types have MP issues

Recommended Skills: Full Barrier, Phys+4, Def-20
Recommended Skills+: Full Barrier, Phys+4, Ethereal Pulse
Recommended Types: Ace> Fast > Chaotic > Cool > Powerful > Brave> Sexy > Intelligent

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic > Bold > Cool+ > Berserk > Stalwart >  Erotic > Wise
General Description: Ladon’s high HP, attack and defense stat allocation prompts its users to think of it as a physical guardian. It should also be noted that Ladon’s base wisdom stat is decent for a physical guardian but below average at best for an elemental guardian. Ladon does have ‘Full Barrier’ to bulk up better against elemental attacks, which means that Bold types can  make up for the full potential of an ace reborn Ladon by having greater HP to endure elemental attacks. This can be further distinguished when Ladon gets its rebirth skill, 'Ethereal Pulse', to weaken the enemy's attacks.

Name :  Puca
GCX Link :  Puca

Caster Type : Physical OR Elemental

Rebirth Card: Puca

Rebirth Skill : Dark+4

Pros :
Has 'Mind Rift' to change battle outcome, versatile skillsets and stats

Cons :
Moderate stats all-around, 'Mind Rift' needs to trigger for full potential

Recommended Skills: Mind Rift, Phys+4, Att25

Recommended Skills+:
Mind Rift, Phys+4, Att25 OR Mind Rift, Wis25, Dark+4

Recommended Types: Ace> Fast > Intelligent : Chaotic > Cool > Brave> Powerful > Sexy  
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic > Wise : Bold > Cool+ > Stalwart> Berserk > Erotic
General Description: Puca’s stats are decent in general but subpar in comparison to her fellow peers in Berneside Plains (Night). She is the first 5* to have 'Mind Rift' and her attack capabilities can switch between physical and elemental. Users can find a versatility in Puca and skill her accordingly to the demands of the user’s lineup to do well in coliseum. Puca’s users should also take note that ‘Mind Rift’ is a chance-based skill and this means her effectiveness is random, relying entirely on chance.

Name :  Ryujin
GCX Link :  Ryujin

Caster Type : Dual  

Rebirth Card: Ryujin

Rebirth Skill : Phys+4  

Pros : Extremely high HP, generally high base stats. Has ‘Deadly Reflex’

Cons :
No buffs to further improve OHKO ability, moderately low agility

Recommended Skills: Deadly Reflex, Phys+3, Light+4

Recommended Skills+: Deadly Reflex, Light+4, Phys+4 

Recommended Types: Ace> Chaotic > Intelligent : Brave > Cool : Fast > Sexy > Powerful  
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Bold > Wise : Stalwart > Sonic : Cool+ > Erotic > Berserk
General Description: With a extremely high HP stat and ‘Deadly Reflex’, Ryujin serves a strategic purpose that the other conventional tanks cannot – countering any attacks dealt towards Ryujin that he survives. While lethal attacks dealt to him cannot be countered in this manner, non-lethal attacks have the potential to kill the opponent’s guardian, especially if the guardian in question has a lower HP than the damage he or she can dish out. Ryujin can also deal the finishing blow himself or make another attack towards the next enemy to enter play if swift enough. Players using Ryujin in their lineup must pay special attention to his placement.

Name :  Carmilla
GCX Link :  Carmilla
Caster Type : Elemental OR Gamble  

Rebirth Card: Carmilla
Rebirth Skill : Death+4  

Pros : High wisdom & attack stat, has multiple luck-based skills

Cons : Moderate HP and defense stat, Brave/Stalwart has MP issues

Recommended Skills: Quick Strike, Mind Rift, Dark+4

Recommended Skills+: Quick Strike, Mind Rift, Death+4 

Recommended Types: Ace> Fast > Intelligent > Powerful : Cool > Chaotic > Brave > Sexy 
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic > Wise > Berserk : Cool+ > Bold > Stalwart > Erotic
General Description: Carmilla has multiple luck-based skills at her disposal and a high base wisdom and attack stat. Her 'Quick Strike' is decent with her attack stat and her elemental attacks strong due to her wisdom stat. Her survivability is not as impressive because of her low defense and HP stat, and her average agility means she may not be able to perform attacks before her opponent. Her luck-based skills (i.e. Death+4 and 'Mind Rift') will ensure that the flow of battle turns towards the favor of Carmilla's lineup as long as they trigger. Therefore, she is also considered a Gamble guardian.

Name :  Dragon Zombie
GCX Link :  Dragon Zombie
Caster Type : Elemental   

Rebirth Card: Dragon Zombie
Rebirth Skill : Wis+20%

Pros : Extremely high HP, very high wisdom and defense to tank attacks

Cons :
Low agility, Brave/Stalwart types have MP issues

Recommended Skills: Wis-20, Ethereal Pulse, Poison+4

Recommended Skills+: Ethereal Pulse, Poison+4, Wis20

Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent > Cool : Chaotic > Fast > Sexy > Powerful > Brave   

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Wise > Cool+ : Bold > Sonic > Erotic : Stalwart > Berserk
General Description: Dragon Zombie has very high HP and wisdom, and it has Wis-20, Ethereal Pulse and Wis20 to help boost its capabilities as an Elemental guardian. It has a low agility stat, in addition to its MP issues for brave and stalwart types. Users of Dragon Zombie may want to use it as a wall card in coliseum battles. Fully stoning its agility stat is a must if users want Dragon Zombie to be able to perform one attack in high-tier coliseum battle.

Name :  Ice Queen
GCX Link :  Ice Queen

Caster Type : Elemental  

Rebirth Card: Ice Queen

Rebirth Skill : Phys+4  

Pros : Very high base agility and wisdom stat, has 'Deft Step'
Cons : Moderately-low HP and Defense stat, no wisdom buffs

Recommended Skills: Deft Step, Wis-20, Water+4

Recommended Skills+: Deft Step, Wis-20, Water+4 OR Deft Step, Water+4, Ethereal Pulse

Recommended Types: Ace> Fast : Intelligent > Cool > Sexy > Brave > Powerful > Chaotic

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Cool+ > Stalwart : Erotic > Bold : Berserk
General Description: Ice Queen can be compared to Lilith as both of them have 'Deft Step' and deal elemental attacks. Ice Queen has Wis-20 instead of Wis+20, another debuff Agi-20, and can learn 'Ethereal Pulse' when reborn. If her 'Deft Step' triggers, she can cover her weakness of having lower HP and defense which makes her vulnerable against strong physical attacks. 'Deft Step' does not trigger against 'Quick Strike', however, so users using Ice Queen should take that into consideration. On a final note, while she may not have any wisdom buffs, her high base wisdom stat and debuffs more than make up for her OHKO against the opponent in battle. It is good to boost her MP so that she can activate 'Deft Step' and perform +4 attacks with ease.

Name :  Minotaur Sergeant
GCX Link :  Minotaur Sergeant
Caster Type : Physical  

Rebirth Card: Minotaur Sergeant

Rebirth Skill : Phys+4  

Pros : Extremely high HP and defense stat. Has ‘Deadly Reflex' and 'Last Stand’

Cons :
Very low wisdom, moderately low agility

Recommended Skills: Att10, Phys+4, Deadly Reflex

Recommended Skills+: Phys+4, Deadly Reflex, Last Stand

Recommended Types: Ace> Chaotic : Brave > Cool : Fast > Powerful > Sexy > Intelligent

Recommended Types+: Ace+> Bold : Stalwart >  Cool+ : Sonic > Berserk > Erotic > Wise
General Description: With a extremely high defense stat and ‘Deadly Reflex’, Minotaur Sergeant will be an alternative to Ragnarok but with 'Last Stand' and lower wisdom stat. Because of 'Last Stand', 'Minotaur Sergeant' has a better chance of dealing more than one attack, in spite of its low agility. He will do extremely well against physical guardians and extremely badly against elemental guardians. His wisdom stat will definitely need a maximum stat boost even if its base stat is extremely low compared to its HP and Defense stat, so it can possibly endure weaker elemental attacks to counterattack and defeat the enemy guardian with 'Deadly Reflex'.

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Name :  Dominion

GCX Link : Dominion 
Caster Type:Dual 
Rebirth Card : Dominion
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Wis+10% Buff  
Pros : High attack and wisdom with innate buffs favoring physical attacks.  
Cons : Low HP and moderate defense leading to low survivability. Moderately low agility. Needs Phys+4 stone for physical build 
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Def+20, Phys+4 || Atk+20, Phys+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Atk+20, Atk/Wis+10, Phys+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Intelligent : Chaotic >Cool:Brave > Powerful : Sexy  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Wise > Cool+ > Stalwart:Berserk: Erotic
General Description :On first glance, Dominion may seem elemental by nature with his story line, a low HP and high wisdom. However, with a healthy attack and defense with relevant buffs to match, Dominion makes a wonderful physical guardian to employ, as long as the player skills him with a Demolition/Mutilation (Phys+4) stone accordingly.  

Name : Ifrit

GCX Link : Ifrit 
Caster Type : Dual
Rebirth Card : Ifrit
Rebirth Skill: Atk+25%  
Pros : Moderate base attack, HP and defense. Strong attack after post rebirth Atk+25%buff
Cons : Very low agility and wisdom. Low survivability due to moderate HP, defense and low wisdom. Needs Phys+4 skill stone to maximize use as a Physical guardian post-rebirth 
Recommended Skills: Phys+4, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Atk+25, Phys+4, Fire4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Chaotic : Powerful > Brave:Fast : Cool > Sexy : Intelligent 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Bold : Berserk : Stalwart > Sonic : Cool+:Wise> Erotic
General Description : Ifrit is a physical-oriented guardian with strong fire skills, a healthy HP and defense. He makes a better physical guardian in general, andevenmoreso with the rebirth skill Att25. All he needs besides being fully stoned in all stats except MP is a Demolition/Mutilation (Phys+4) stone to maximize his offensive abilities. 

Name : Lightning Lord

GCX Link : Lightning Lord 
CasterType: Elemental/Dual  
Rebirth Card:Lightning Lord
Rebirth Skill: Wis-20  
Pros : Moderate attack, defense and agility. Elemental build favored  
Cons : Low HP and wisdom for a caster. Even with Wis+20 buff and post rebirth Wis-20 debuff, his elemental offense is moderate. Fragile  
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 || Wis+20 , Elem+4, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Wis+20,Elem+4,Elem+4||  Wis+20, Elem+4, Phys+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Powerful :Brave :Cool >Sexy : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Bold
General Description : Lightning Lord is built exactly for elemental attacks and his skills and stats are a good representation of that. While he has low HP and low wisdom for an elemental user, his skills placement will provide a good OHKO chance, with Wis20 and Wis-20. With the appropriate trending elemental attack element, he can perform well in battle. 

Name : Juggernaut

GCX Link : Juggernaut 
Caster Type: Physical 
Rebirth Card : Juggernaut
Rebirth Skill: Quick Strike  
Pros : High attack and defense. Granted Quick Strike post rebirth that works well with his high attack stat
Cons : Very low HP, MP, wisdom and agility.  MP is insufficient for optimal use pre-rebirth. Post Rebirth optimal skill set favored only for Ace/Erotic types  
Recommended Skills:atk+20, Def-20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:QuickStrike, Atk+20, Phys+4   
Recommended Types:Ace> Powerful : Chaotic > Fast : Cool : Brave>Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ >Berserk:Bold : Sonic > Cool+ : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise
General Description : One thing unmentioned about Juggernaut that he is quite slow even after rebirth. However, he has a solid attack stat, making him great with physical OHKO ability. In addition, his ‘Quick Strike’ gives players an opportunity to use him strategically to further maximize his damage output. He does not have alot of MP so to attack twice with +4 physical requires Juggernaut to be an MP-favorable type.

Name: Mephistopheles

GCX Link : Mephistopheles 
Caster Type: Elemental 
Rebirth Card:Mephistopheles
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros :Moderate wisdom enhanced with good Wisdom buffs, in particular Agi&Wis+10 buff.
Cons : Very low HP. Low attack, defense and agility makes him fragile and suited to elemental attacks only.
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Agi/Wis+10, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :Sexy>Chaotic : Powerful  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ :Erotic>Bold > Berserk
General Description : A guardian that is built naturally towards elemental attacks, Mephistopheles has wisdom buffs that greatly increase his capacity to take out guardians with one darkness+4. It’s unfortunate that his low HP and defense allows guardians with strong attacks to take him out in one hit.Keeping Wis10Agi10 helps his killing capacity and grants him more agility to fill the ATB bar so that he may deal one more attack before falling. 

Name :  Agni

GCX Link : Agni 
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card : Agni
Rebirth Skill: Self Destruct  
Pros : High wisdom and MP. Gets Self Destruct post rebirth to make use of unspent MP 
Cons : Moderately low HP, defense, attack and agility. Slow with low survivability 
Recommended Skills:Def+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 || Elem+4, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Self Destruct, Def+20, Elem+4 || Self Destruct, Elem+4, Elem+4||Elem+4,Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types: Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :Sexy>Powerful : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ :Erotic>Berserk : Bold
General Description : Agni’s power lies in his elemental attacks, but he does not have any wisdom buffs. He has been compensated instead with a higher base wisdom stat, but he’s also been gifted with ‘Self-Destruct’ when reborn. This skill distinguishes him from other elemental guardians such that if he does not get to cast a second elemental attack, his remaining MP may do the work for him via 'Self Destruct'. Although the damage from Self-Destruct will not be strong enough to OHKO the opponent, the user may choose to strategically place a card with 'Quick Strike' after Agni.  

Name :  Chariot

GCX Link : Chariot 
Caster Type: Physical 
Rebirth Card : Chariot
Rebirth Skill: Quick Strike 
Pros : High attack and agility. Decent HP and defense. Quick Strike post-rebirth  
Cons : Extremely low MP which compromises use of buffs. Very low wisdom leading to low survivability.  
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Agi+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:QuickStrike,Atk+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Types:Ace>  Fast : Chaotic > Cool : Brave:Powerful> Sexy : Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Stalwart > Cool+ :Berserk>Erotic : Wise
General Description : Chariot is fortunate with great agility, attack and buffs that enhance those stats. ‘Quick Strike’ is granted to him when he is reborn; thus, as with Juggernaut, Chariot should be placed strategically in your lineup.He does fall back in terms of wisdom so he will fall quickly to elemental attacks. He also faces MP issues so Ace+/Erotic type is necessary if he is to be able to perform 'Storm Impact' twice with his other skills. 

Name :  Ettin

GCX Link : Ettin 
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card : Ettin
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros : Very High wisdom. High HP and defense. Good tanking ability. Strong Elemental offense.Wisdom further enhanced with Wis+20 and Wis-20 or Agi/Wis+10buffs. 
Cons : Very low agility making him slow. Multiple offense buffs however limits his elemental coverage 
Recommended Skills: Wis+20, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Agi/Wis+10, Elem+4 ||Wis+20,Elem+4,Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :Sexy>Chaotic : Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ : Erotic>Bold: Berserk
General Description : Ettin has pleasantly high HP for an elemental guardian, even higher wisdom and all the necessary wisdom buffs and debuffs to choose from. He can definitely take his spot in your lineup as long as you get past the fact that he is an earth guardian. This is his Achilles' Heel as most guardians in general are reskilled with darkness/wind attacks which he falls prey to easily. 

Name :  Sucellus

GCX Link : Sucellus 
Caster Type : Dual
Rebirth Card : Sucellus
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Wis+10%  
Pros : High wisdom and attack. Post rebirth buff enhances offensive damage
Cons : Low agility, defense and HP. Low survivability
Recommended Skills:Phys+4, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Atk/Wis+10, Phys+4, Elem+4 || Atk/Wis+10, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Intelligent : Brave > Cool :Chaotic>Powerful : Sexy  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Wise : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic
General Description : Sucellus has a healthy attack and wisdom allocated to him. It is recommended to skill him with a Demolition/Mutilation stone, especially after rebirth when he gets Att10Wis10, a buff that boosts both attack and wisdom. Together with his innate Lightning+4, He has a good OHKO ability albeit lacking in agility.
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Name :  Bahamut

GCX Link : Bahamut 
Caster Type:Physical OR Elemental (Note: This is not the same as Dual)
Rebirth Card: Bahamut
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Wis+10% 
Pros :High attack, moderate wisdom. Can be used with physical or elemental build depending on type 
Cons : Can not tank often unless Wise type with effective Wis+30 buffs. Now unobtainable 
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Wis+20, Phys+4 || Atk+20, Phys+4, Elem+4 ||Wis+20,Elem+4,Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Atk/Wis+10, Atk+20, Phys+4 || Atk/Wis+10, Wis+20, Elem+4||Wis+20,Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Intelligent : Chaotic > Cool >Brave:Powerful : Sexy 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Wise > Cool+ > Stalwart:Berserk: Erotic
General Description : During the Bahamut's Descent event, he was obtainable as a giant bird shadow, much like Gilgamesh is today. He had the highest stat total of the time, with a distinct focus on offense in relation to defense. Depending on personality type, he can be built as Physical or Elemental guardian. However, as his attack is much higher than his Wisdom, it's usually advisable to build him as a Physical attacker. Wise with Att10Wis30 buff is still quite viable though, as it gives him a nice boost to his elemental defense as well. 

Name :  Gilgamesh

GCX Link : Gilgamesh 
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card: Gilgamesh
Rebirth Skill: Agi+25% Buff 
Pros : High HP and very high wisdom, gets 'Last Stand'
Cons: Weak 'Last Stand' damage due to lack of attack buffs and moderate base attack stat. Low agility 
Recommended Skills:Last Stand, Wis+20, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Last Stand, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Last Stand, Agi+25, Phys+4 
Recommended Types: Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :sexy>Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ :Erotic>Berserk : Bold
General Description : Like Bahamut, Gilgamesh is a very cost-efficient card. While lightning guardians are particularly vulnerable to earth and light attacks, they are largely unused, and he has a nice HP to compliment his already strong elemental defense. However, his agility is rather low compared to his other stats and his 'Last Stand' leaves something to be desired. Overall, a pretty nice card for a budget bargain.
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Name :  Atlas

GCX Link : Atlas 
Caster Types : Physical 
Rebirth Card: Atlas  
Rebirth Skill: Last Stand  
Pros : High HP & attack. Gets Last Stand post rebirth  
Cons : Low agility and wisdom making it slow and weak to elemental attacks respectively 
Recommended Skills:Atk+10, Atk+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:LastStand,Atk+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Types: Ace > Chaotic : Brave : Fast > Powerful:Cool> Sexy : Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Bold : Stalwart : Sonic > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise
General Description: Atlas has a great base attack stat and multiple attack buffs to amplify his physical attacks. He also gets another vital role when he is reborn - he gets 'Last Stand'. While Atlas has to forfeit an attack buff (clearly Att10 is replaced, not Att20), he still has great OHKO capability and the stats growth from rebirth take care of the forfeiting of Att10 for 'Last Stand'. Atlas users, do note that only pre-rebirth Brave Atlas has MP issues so you may wish to find a second Atlas to rebirth into Stalwart which does not have MP issues.   

Name :  Fujin

GCX Link : Fujin 
Caster Type: Physical OR Elemental OR Dual
Rebirth Card: Fujin
Rebirth Skill: Revive  
Pros :Moderately high stats overall. Gets revive post rebirth  
Cons:Compromised OHKO ability due to lack of offensive buffs 
Recommended Skills:Wis-20, Elem+4, Phys+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4 ,Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Revive, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Revive, Agi+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Brave:Cool> Powerful : Chaotic : Sexy  
Recommended Types+Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool >Berserk :Bold: Erotic 
General Description: Fujin has well-rounded stats and an array of debuffs/buffs to choose from in use with Wind+4. When reborn, Fujin gets 'Revive', which also gives him the role to tank out one more hit or deal one more hit for his team, at the cost of forfeiting the use of a skill to make way for 'Revive' (preferably a debuff/buff). Fujin users can use him as a physical or as an elemental guardian, although the latter is preferred in general because he has Wis-20.

Name :  Raijin

GCX Link :Raijin 
Caster Type : Dual 
Rebirth Card: Raijin
Rebirth Skill: Revive  
Pros : High HP & attack with moderately high stats; Gets revive post rebirth 
Cons : Low wisdom even with wis+20% buff for a caster. Lacks attack buffs to serve Dual type
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Elem+4, Phys+4 || Wis+20, Elem+4 ,Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Revive, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Revive, Wis+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool >Powerful:Chaotic : Sexy 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Stalwart : Cool+ > Bold:Berserk: Erotic General Description: Raijin has a more direct use in lineups with Wis20 and both physical and elemental attacks, which is a contrast compared to Fujin who has debuffs and can be used to weaken opposing guardians for later punishment. Like Fujin, Raijin gets 'Revive' when he is reborn, so he has the potential to live out another turn and take another hit or deal another hit for the team. He needs a skill stone only if he is used in pre-rebirth as a phys4 will do better than his innate Phys3.

Name :  Shiva

GCX Link :Shiva 
Caster Type : Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Shiva
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros: High wisdom coupled with Wis-20% debuff results in very high elemental damage; With Def+20% buff it can tank moderate physical attacks. 
Cons : Low agility
Recommended Skills:Wis-20, Def+20, Elem+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4 ,Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Agi/Wis+10, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Agi/Wis+10, Elem+4, Elem+4||Wis-20,Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool >Sexy:Chaotic : Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ >Erotic:Berserk : Bold 
General Description: Shiva has a high base wisdom stat and Wis-20 to further increase the damage dealt towards the first guardian to face her in battle. She also gets Def20 to withstand some physical attacks. Reborn Shiva gets Agi10Wis10 which is preferred to Def20 as the damage output from Wis-20 with Agi10Wis10 is greater. Some users have also preferred to just keep Agi10Wis10 only and use 2 elemental +4 attacks for better coverage, so that is an alternative build Shiva users can consider.  

Name: Stymphalian Bird

GCX Link : Stymphalian Bird 
Caster Type : Physical 
Rebirth Card: Stymphalian Bird
Rebirth Skill: Quick Strike  
Pros : High agility. Gets Quick Strike post rebirth 
Cons : Moderate attack even with Def-20% debuff. Only Sexy/Ace Types can double cast pre-rebirth due to low base MP. Low wisdom makes it weak to elemental attacks. 
Recommended Skills:Def-20, Agi+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:QuickStrike, Def-20, Phys+4 || Quick Strike, Agi+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic > Powerful : Cool > Brave:Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ > Sonic:Bold> Berserk : Cool+ : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise 
General Description: Before rebirth, Stymphalian Bird is primarily built to have better OHKO ability towards the first enemy it faces with Def-20, and buy time for the next guardian to attack next with Agi20. When reborn, he gains 'Quick Strike'; here the user has to choose between Def-20 and Agi20 as Stymphalian Bird will need Phys4 to ensure more OHKO ability. Take note that sexy/ace types can double cast with both buffs before rebirth, and only Stalwart type has issue with casting 'Quick Strike' with a debuff and phys4 twice.

Name : HoarfrostPhoenix

GCX Link : Hoarfrost Phoenix 
Caster Type : Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Hoarfrost Phoenix
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10%  
Pros :High agility. Moderate overall stats. Quick Strike and Revive pre-rebirth 
Cons : Physical (i.e. QuickStrike) or elemental attacks (i.e. Water+3) are compromised due to priority of QuickStrike and Revive over Agi/Wis+10
Recommended Skills: Quick Strike, Revive, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:Quick Strike, Revive, Elem+4  
Recommended Types: Ace> Fast : Intelligent  > Brave : Cool:Powerful> Sexy : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Stalwart : Cool+ :Berserk>Erotic : Bold 
General Description: Like Phoenix of the Berneside Plains, Hoarfrost Phoenix has the innate ability 'Revive'. It also has 'Quick Strike'. The strategic advantages from both skills are more important than its rebirth skill Agi10Wis10, plus Hoarfrost Phoenix does not have any elemental +4 attacks. Therefore, users of the Hoarfrost Phoenix should skill it with a +4 skill stone, preferably elemental, so that it can be used fully in battle.  

Name :  Crocell

GCX Link : Crocell 
CasterType: Gamble/Elemental  
Rebirth Card: Crocell
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros :Moderate wisdom coupled with Wis+20% buff and Wis-20% debuff for high elemental damage.Extremely High MP useful for Self Destruct. Death+3 conserves MP. 
Cons : Death+3 proc rate not as High as Death+4. Low overall stats. 
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Self Destruct, Death3 || Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Self Destruct, Death3 || Wis+20 , Agi/Wis+10, Death3||Wis+20,Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Sexy : Cool >Brave:Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Erotic : Cool+ : Stalwart>Bold: Berserk 
General Description: Crocell can be built as a gamble card or a strong elemental guardian. With Death+3 and 'Self Destruct', on top of a high base MP stat, Crocell can be used towards upsetting opponents' streaks in coliseums if her gamble skills trigger against opponents. If users prefer to use Crocell conventionally, keep Wis20 and Agi10Wis10 on her and any trending elemental +4 attack to increase OHKO coverage.  

Name :  Morrighan

GCX Link :Morrighan 
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: Morrighan
Rebirth Skill: Last Stand  
Pros : High agility and attack. Decent HP and Defense. Gets Quick Strike pre rebirth & Last Stand post rebirth  
Cons : Low wisdom. Post rebirth, attacks compromised; able to use both QuickStrike & LastStand (more favored than) Att20/Phys+4
Recommended Skills:Quick Strike, Atk+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:Quick Strike, Phys+4, Last Stand || Quick Strike, Atk+20, Last Stand 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic > Brave : Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise 
General Description: Before rebirth, Morrighan gets 'Quick Strike', Att20, good stats in general, and an innate Physical +4 attack. After rebirth, she gets 'Last Stand'. However, because she has too many sought-after skills, users have a dilemma when skilling her. For users wishing to keep her trade value while using her will leave her at level 69, meaning she does not get to use 'Last Stand' yet. Or they can choose to forfeit 'Quick Strike' or Att20 in favor of 'Last Stand'. In general, most users will keep 'Quick Strike' and 'Last Stand'. The third skill choice will be left to the owner's decision. They can skill her with any element+4 (even physical) or keep her with Att20 for 'Iron Fist' style.  

Name :  Thor

GCX Link : Thor 
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: Thor
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Def+10%  
Pros : High HP, attack and wisdom. Moderate defense. Gets Last Stand pre-rebirth 
Cons : Low agility
Recommended Skills:LastStand, Atk+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:LastStand, Atk+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Chaotic : Fast : Brave > Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Bold : Sonic : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise
General Description: Thor has a great HP and attack stat. He also gets 'Last Stand' and Att20 to increase his defending and attacking abilities respectively. However, he has a low agility, which means he will not always get a chance to attack in battle against faster guardians. He has a high base wisdom stat for a physical guardian but his physical OHKO is much better than his elemental OHKO because of Att20, his base attack and 'Last Stand'.  
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Name :  Behemoth

GCX Link :Behemoth 
Caster Type:Physical 
Rebirth Card: Behemoth
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Def+10%  
Pros : High HP, defense. Moderate attack. Gets Last Stand pre-rebirth 
Cons : Very low agility & wisdom. Stalwart type cannot cast PHY+4 twice with post rebirth skill. Needs Phys+4 to maximize offense 
Recommended Skills:LastStand, Def+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:LastStand, Atk/Def+10, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Chaotic > Powerful : Cool : Fast > Brave : Sexy:Intelligent 
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ >Bold>Berserk : Cool+ : Sonic : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise
General Description: Behemoth is a physical damage tank that is weak to elemental damage. The standard skillset includes Att10Def10 as the buff will give behemoth a bit of an extra kick once 'Last Stand' hits. This build will be a bit more balanced than if he keeps Def20 instead; he will gain more attack potential at a cost of extra defense. Stalwart types cannot run this setup effectively due to insufficient MP. To have full potential, it's recommended that Behemoth have the ability to cast Physical+4 twice. Rebirthing behemoth as brave type circumvents this limitation. For Stalwart types, it is recommended you keep Def+20 instead of the rebirth skill to ensure he can cast Phys4 twice. 

Name: Mictlantehcuhtli

GCX Link : Mictlantehcuhtli 
Caster Type:Elemental/Gamble
Rebirth Card: Mictlantehcuhtli
Rebirth Skill: Def/Wis10% 
Pros: Strong elemental damage, High wisdom enhanced by Wis+30effective buffs.
Cons : Low agility making it slow. Low survivability. MP isn’t high for SD to be very useful after a skill cast 
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Self Destruct, Elem+4 || Wis+10, Wis+20, Elem+4||Wis+20,Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Self Destruct, Elem+4 || Def/Wis+10, Wis+20, Elem+4||Wis+20,Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Sexy : Cool :Brave>Powerful : Chaotic 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic : Erotic > Cool+ :Stalwart>Berserk : Bold
General Description : Mictlantehcutli is a strong elemental caster with weak physical defense. With a high wisdom stat and multiple wisdom buffs, he is more likely to OHKO his opponent. However, due to a combination of moderate HP and defenses, he is easily killed. He can be configured in many ways, but as a caster, an element +4 is a must have skill. SD combined with Wis20 gives Mictlantehcutli some extra damage potential. Although his SD may not be enough to kill your opponent, your next guardian has a better chance to OHKO the guardian, especially with ‘Quick Strike’. Alternative ways to skilling him are with double elementals with Wis20 buff, or double buffs with elemental. These builds will most likely ensure Mictlantehcutli will get a kill, but without SD, he won't have that extra chance based damage potential.  

Name : Serenade Banshee

GCX Link : Serenade Banshee 
Caster Type:Gamble/Elemental
Rebirth Card: Serenade Banshee
Rebirth Skill: Def/Agi+10% 
Pros : Very high wisdom enhanced by Wis+20 buff, viable as Elemental or Death caster, high agility enhanced by Def/Agi+10 buff after rebirth, learns Death+4 
Cons : Death caster build is chance based. Low survivability due to Moderate HP & defense 
Recommended Skills:Wis+20, Death3, Death4 || Wis+20 , Elem+4, Death4 ||Wis20,Elem+4,Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Elem+4, Death4 || Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :Sexy>Chaotic : Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+ : Erotic>Bold: Berserk
General Description: Serenade Banshee gained much hype amongst players by being the first of the non-bordered cards who learn Death skills. She also has a very high wisdom stat and Wis20, resulting in a great elemental attack and just as great an elemental defense. Because it is not confirmed with solid proof that wisdom, HP or any other stats determine the effectiveness of Death skills, Agi10Def10 can be considered as a skill to replace Death3. Users who prefer conventional elemental attacks can exploit her high wisdom and wisdom buffs by skilling her with elemental +4 attacks, if they don't mind risking losing trade value in her in future. An elemental +4 skill can also replace Death3 before she learns Death4 so that she can cast both skills at the right moments.

Name :  Nuada

GCX Link : Nuada 
Caster Type : Physcial
Rebirth Card: Nuada
Rebirth Skill: Atk/Def+10% 
Pros : Very high ATT complemented by Atk+20% buff. Decent Agility for LastStand user, strong LastStand damage, moderately high defense  
Cons: Relies heavily on LastStand as a main defense. Moderately low HP 
Recommended Skills: Last Stand, Atk+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:Last Stand, Atk+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Chaotic : Brave : Fast > Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Bold : Stalwart : Sonic > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise
General Description : Nuada is one of the leading 'Last Stand' users in the game due to his high attack and Att20 buff. At higher ranks of coliseum, however, note that he falls rather easily as opponent guardians in those tiers usually have very high OHKO ability, as with all guardians used in higher tiers. Amongst 'Last Stand' users, he has relatively good agility and one of the stronger physical attacks due to his high attack and complementary buff, so he is more likely to use Phys4 often instead of just dealing one normal attack after ‘Last Stand’ triggers. Since he has a very strong attack, a very effective LastStand/QuickStrike combo is possible with him. 

Name : SphinxEmpress

GCX Link : Sphinx Empress 
Caster Type:Physical OR Elemental
Rebirth Card: Sphinx Empress
Rebirth Skill:Wis+20Buff 
Pros : High agi. Equally effective attack and elemental builds, strong Quick Strike pre-rebirth, high Attack & wisdom 
Cons :Moderately low defense. Moderate HP, Needs skill stone +4 
Recommended Skills: Quick Strike, Atk+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:Quick Strike, Atk+20, Phys+4 || Quick Strike, Wis+20, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic : Intelligent > Brave:Powerful> Cool : Sexy 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Wise > Stalwart : Berserk>Cool+: Erotic
General Description : Sphinx Empress is one of the leading QuickStrike users in the game. Her high agility, attack, and wisdom stat means she can be configured to a physical or an elemental attack model. Normally, she will learn Att20 and Wis-20, but after rebirth she learns Wis20. A physical-based model will have higher OHKO potential overall, but a elemental-based Empress will be more resistant to elemental damage at the cost of losing a little OHKO potential. Furthermore, her damage output will be slightly less as an elemental damage dealer due to elemental resistances of opposing guardians. With the introduction of the new ocean 5*, the elemental model may be more favored in higher tiers of coliseum and the physical model will still remain popular in spite of that.

Name :  Anubis

GCX Link :  Anubis 
Caster Type:PhysicalRebirth
Rebirth Card: Anubbis
Rebirth Skill:Atk/Wis+10% 
Pros : Extremely high HP and tanking ability. Effective Atk+45% buff makes him a very strong physical attacker, 
Cons : Needs Phys+4 stone to optimize damage outputt, Moderately low agility 
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Atk+25, Phys3 || Atk+20, Atk+25, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:Atk+20,Atk+25, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Chaotic : Fast : Brave > Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent 
Recommended Type+:Ace+> Bold : Sonic : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise  
General Description: Anubis is as good as a reborn Rubicante, with Att20 and Att25 buffs to his name before rebirth. Anubis has a lower agility stat than Rubicante, but also shares Rubicante's lacking of a physical+4 skill, so Anubis users definitely have to reskill him with a phys+4 stone. With distinctly high HP and attack stat and attack buffs to match, Anubis should be placed against opponents’ guardians that have low damage potential. Tanking attacks will be Anubis’ advantage for your lineup so make sure he is placed such that it can be exploited. Note that he is essentially a meat shield if up against guardians with ‘Ethereal Pulse’ so be wary of such opposing lineups!  

Name : Marchosias

GCX Link :  Marchosias 
Caster Type : Physical
RebirthCard: Marchosias
RebirthSkill: Atk/Def+10% 
Pros : Very high attack stat. High agility. Very strong Quick Strike attack pre-rebirth
Cons : Moderate defense and wisdom. Stalwart type lacks ability to cast PHY+4 twice using standard skill-set 
Recommended Skills:QuickStrike, Atk/Agi+10, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+:QuickStrike, Atk/Agi+10, Phys+4 || Quick Strike,Atk/Def+10,Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic > Powerful : Cool > Brave:Sexy: Intelligent 
Recommended Types+ : Ace+ > Sonic:Bold> Berserk : Cool+ : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise 
General Description: As of now, Marchosias is probably the strongest ‘Quick Strike’ guardian in GC. Built with 'Quick Strike', the right combination of skills and buffs, good attack, good agility, decent stats all-around, users should note that reborn good types will shine in their own ways that an ace reborn Marchosias cannot (In particular, Sonic Marchosias). Users of Marchosias can choose between Att10Agi10 or Att10Def10 and it would not really matter that much as his attack is what makes him shine. In higher tiers of coliseum, Att10Agi10 would probably be favored over Att10Def10 as most guardians used in such tiers have OHKO abilities that overcome the defense boost from Att10Def10 anyway.


Name :  Kali

GCX Link : Kali 
Caster Type : Dual
Rebirth Card: Kali
Rebirth Skill: Physical+4 
Pros : High HP, wisdom, defense, attack. Rest of the stats are moderately high
Cons : Her many debuffs are effective on only one enemy guardian. Available debuffs do not favor a particular build 
Recommended Skills:Def-20, Wis-20, Phys+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Def-20, Wis-20, Phys+4 || Wis-20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Intelligent : Chaotic > Powerful : Brave:Cool> Sexy 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic : Bold > Stalwart : Berserk:cool+> Erotic
General Description: A highly versatile guardian, Kali gets debuffs that weaken one enemy guardian's defenses (such as Wis-20 and Def-20) and +4 elemental attack. With rebirth, she gets to use phys4, which means she can serve as an elemental guardian or a physical guardian but preferably not both, if she wishes to keep both her debuffs. Kali has a pleasantly high stat distribution all over, and she is built such that the only cost users have to pay to maximize her damage potential would be to fully stone her stats. She already gets an elemental+4 attack and a physical+4 attack on rebirth. Very economically friendly to all Kali users.

Name :  Pandora

GCX Link :  Pandora 
Caster Type:Gamble/Elemental
Rebirth Card: Pandora
Rebirth Skill: Death+4 
Pros : Learns Death+4 post rebirth. Extremely high MP for strong SD damage. Moderately high Wisdom with Wis-20 debuff 
Cons : Moderately low HP and agility. Low DEF. SD has low success rate 
Recommended Skills:Wis-20, Self Destruct, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Wis+20, Self Destruct, Death4 
Recommended Types:Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Sexy : Cool :Chaotic>Brave : Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Sonic : Erotic > Cool+ : Bold>Stalwart: Berserk
General Desctiption: Pandora has an array of debuffs at her disposal, and she learns light4 before rebirth. She also learns Death+4 when reborn. This suggests that Pandora will probably be one of the most luck-based guardians to date with a debuff, 'Self Destruct' and Death+4 and an extremely high MP stat to complement that. Users of Pandora can use her in their offensive lineup in coliseum if they do not have better guardians to use, but if she is used in a defensive coliseum lineup she will be great as she will not be serving the purpose of winning matches for you, but breaking opponents’ streaks if her skills trigger.

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Cerulean Deep

Name: Abaddon

GCX Link: 
Caster Type:Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Abadoon  

Rebirth Skill: Def/Wis+10%  

Pros : When triggered successfully, 'Sap' allows opponents to use normal attacks only. High wisdom and defense 

Cons : Moderate agility and moderately Low HP.  

Original Skills: Sap, Dark+3, Def+25, Dark+4, Poison+4

RecommendedSkills: Sap, Def+25, Elem+4 || Sap, Elem+4, Elem+4

RecommendedSkills+: Sap, Def/Wis+10, Elem+4 || Sap, Def+25, Elem+4 ||Sap, Elem+4, Elem+4 

Recommended Types: Ace > Intelligent : Fast : Brave >Cool > Sexy:Chaotic :Powerful 
  Recommended Types+:Ace+ > Wise : Sonic : Stalwart > Cool+ >Erotic:Bold : Berserk
Genera lDescription : Abaddon is a strong elemental caster with 'Sap'. With high defense, he can easily tank normal hits from most guardians provided 'Sap' activates. Sap may be chance based, but when active, it helps improve Abaddon's survivability. Note that Stalwart types have great defense and can still cast element+4 attacks twice, but sonic types have a very big difference in defence than most reborn Abaddons and their agility is not as fast as other 5*.       

Name: Cthulhu

GCX Link: 

Caster Type : Dual

Rebirth Card:Cthulhu

Rebirth Skill:Atk/Wis+10%

Pros : Can be builtwith either physical or elemental offensive ability. 'Etheral Pulse' removes buffs from the opponent and weakens them. 

Cons : Moderately low agility. Stats that determine survivability are low

Original Skills :Ethereal Pulse, Phys+3, Dark+4, Def+20, Phys+4

Recommended Skills: Ethereal Pulse, Def+20, Elem+4/Phys+4 || EtherealPulse, Elem+4,Phys+4

Recommended Skills+: Ethereal Pulse, Atk/Wis+10, Elem+4/Phys+4 || EtherealPulse, Elem+4,Phys+4

Recommended Types:Ace > Intelligent : Fast : Chaotic >Powerful : Cool:Brave >
Recommended Types+:Ace+ > Wise : Sonic : Bold > Berserk :Cool+ : Stalwart> Erotic

GeneralDescription : Cthulu has ‘Ethereal Pulse’ which removes opponent buffs, thereby weakening the opponent such that even with lower stats, Cthulhu's survival rate is compensated, perhaps even more improved. Another pro for Cthulhu is that since he has Att10Wis10 like Sucellus, with decent stats all around and good attack and wisdom stat, all the reborn new types are decent but not as good as what usually is considered the best reborn new types. Also, to keep ‘Ethereal Pulse’, Cthulhu will have to decide between being a physical or an elemental guardian, which is ok either way as he can be customized again with a skill+4 stone to face different guardians.

Name: Lilith

GCX Link : 

Caster Type: Elemental

Rebirth Card : Lilith

Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10%  

Pros : 'Deft Step' evades physical attacks. High wisdom and moderatelyhigh agility

Cons : Low HP and defense. Low stat based survivability  

Original Skills: Deft Step, Dark+3, Wis+20, Agi+20, Dark+4

Recommended Skills:Deft Step, Wis+20, Elem+4

Recommended Skills+: Deft Step, Wis+20, Elem4 || Def Step,Agi/Wis+10,Elem+4 

Recommended Types:Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool> Sexy:Powerful : Chaotic

Recommended Types+:Ace+ > Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+> Erotic:Berserk : Bold

GeneralDescription : Lilith is a strong elemental attacker and with ‘Deft Step’ that allows her to survive deadly physical attacks, in spite of having low HP and defense. However, the skill is chance based and cannot be relied upon totally to compensate for her fragility. Nevertheless, in most cases, 'Deft Step' is more than capable to help Lilith with overcoming her fragility and dealing attacks in battle. She can be a great guardian to use in a defensive coliseum lineup, where the rhythm of coliseum battles can be severely interrupted against the opponents’ favor if ‘Deft Step’ triggers all the time in that particular battle.

Name: Poseidon
GCX Link : 
Caster Type :Gamble/Dual

Rebirth Card:Poseidon

Rebirth Skill :Def/Wis+10%

Pros : High HP. 'Gigant Smash' can instantly kill most cards. Skillset aimed to improve survivability
Cons:Moderately low agility. Moderately low base wisdom
Original Skills: Gigant Smash, Water+3, Def+20, Phys+3, Wis+20

Recommended Skills:Gigant Smash, Wis+20, Def+20   

Recommended Skills+: Gigant Smash,Def/Wis+10, Wis+20/Def+20
Recommended Types:Ace > Fast : Chaotic > Brave : Powerful: Cool >Sexy : Intelligent 

RecommendedTypes+: Ace+ > Sonic : Bold > Stalwart :Berserk : Cool+> Erotic : Wise

GenerralDescription : Being the first 5* guardian in Guardian Cross to have ‘Gigant Smash’, users of Poseidon can view him as a different Death Caster. Theoretically, ‘Gigant Smash’ is like a physical version of the Death skill, being chance based just like that of Death skills. This skill also ignores one’s defense stat when dealing damage. With that, the build for Poseidon is essentially that of Gamble, with 'Gigant Smash' since the buffs he learns (Wis20, Def20, Wis10Def10) actually improve his defense instead of his offense, unless you choose to keep only one buff out of the three instead of two buffs and skill an element+4 attack to replace that skill slot. Until the nature of ‘Gigant Smash’ is discovered, users should just treat Poseidon as a physical guardian that gambles to deal damage and having very good defenses.

Name : Ungur

GCX Link : 

Caster Type: Elemental
Rebirth Card : Ungur
Rebirth Skill: Wis+25%
Pros : High HP and moderately high defense. Very High elemental Offense. 'Ethereal Pulse 'removes buffs from the opponent. Cons:Moderately low agility
Original Skills: Ethereal Pulse, Heal, Light+3, Wis+20, Light+4

Recommended Skills:Ethereal Pulse, Wis+20, Elem+4

Recommended Skills+: Ethereal Pulse, Wis+25, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Wis+25, Elem+4
Recommended Types:Ace > Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool >Sexy :Powerful : Chaotic
Recommended Types+:Ace+ > Wise : Sonic > Stalwart : Cool+> Erotic :Berserk : Bold

Generral Description : Ungur has very high elemental offense thanks to his high wisdom stat and his multiple wisdom buffs. He also has 'Ethereal Pulse' which greatly improves his survivability as it dispels the opponents’ edge in battle. The elemental offense can be greatly improved by using both Wis20 and Wis25 buffs but 'Ethereal Pulse' is generally more preferred as it provides more strategic use and that new skills are generally more favored. He can also serve as a good elemental tank with a good base HP stat, and his base defence stat is still decent.

GCX Link :  Selkie

Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card: Selkie
Rebirth Skill :  Wis+20
Pros: High wisdom and agility stat with Wis20, has ‘Quick Strike’ and ‘Sap’
Cons: Moderate attack stat means weak ‘Quick Strike’
Original Skills:
Recommended Skills: QuickStrike, Sap, Elem+4
Recommended Skills+: QuickStrike, Sap, Elem+4 || QuickStrike, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Sap, Wis+20, Elem+4
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Intel > Brave :Cool: Powerful> Sexy: Chaotic
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Stalwart:Cool : Berserk> Erotic : Bold
Selkie has a stat distribution strikingly similar to that of Barbariccia, with the same agility and QuickStrike power. However, she has enough wisdom to do without Wis20 if users choose to skill her so. In turn, this allows Selkie access to both ‘Quick Strike’ and ‘Sap’. Essentially, this build of Selkie is a Barbariccia with the same damage output, save that she has a chance to nullify the abilities of first enemy she faces in battle. Otherwise, if Selkie is skilled with Wis20 and ‘Sap’ is forfeited, she will have much better damage output than Sphinx Empress or Barbariccia as an elemental ‘Quick Strike’ guardian.

GCX Link:  Palladium

Caster Type:  Physical
Rebirth Card: Palladium
Rebirth Skill:  Atk+25
Pros: High HP, attack stat with decent defense stat for good OHKO and tanking.
Cons: Moderate wisdom and agility stat, earth element guardian
Original Skills:
Recommended Skills: LastStand, Atk+10/Def+10, Phys+4:
Recommended Skills+: LastStand, Phys+4, Atk+25 || LastStand, Phys+4, Atk+10/Def+10 || LastStand, Atk+10/Def+10, Atk+25
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Chaotic > Brave: Cool : Powerful > Sexy: Intelligent
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Bold > Stalwart : Cool+: Berserk: >Erotic : Wise
Palladium is a ‘Last Stand’ guardian, similar to Nuada, but with better stats in general, in particular her HP stat. She has a very high attack stat and Att25 buff makes her a very fierce physical attacker.  Her normal attack from ‘Last Stand’ triggering benefits greatly from both Att25 and Att10Def10, but it is recommended that Phys4 is kept over keeping both attack buffs for better damage output. Also, Att25 should be kept over Att10Def10 for the same reasoning.

GCX Link:  Ghandharva

Caster Type: Dual
Rebirth Card: Ghandharva
Rebirth Skill:  Phys+4
Pros: Very high attack and wisdom stat, has ‘Ethereal Pulse’
Cons: Has no buffs to increase OHKO, only debuffs that work on one guardian
Original Skills:
Recommended Skills: Ethereal Pulse, WIS-20, Elem+4
Recommended Skills+: Ethereal Pulse, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Ethereal Pulse, ATT-20, Elem+4
Recommended Types: Ace> Fast : Intel > Brave :Cool: Powerful> Sexy: Chaotic
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic: Wise > Stalwart:Cool : Berserk > Erotic : Bold
Ghandharva is a guardian with speed identical to Morrighan and Kali.  As an elemental guardian, he has a high wisdom stat, Wis-20 to help improve his OHKO against the first opponent he faces. If skilled as a physical guardian (his rebirth skill is Phys4), Ghandharva also has a high attack stat and Att-20 to help withstand strong physical attacks from the first guardian he faces. Ghandharva also has ‘Ethereal Pulse’, which serves to increase offensive and defensive prowess against enemies that rely on buffs to increase their capabilities.

GCX Link :  Charybdis

Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: Charybdis
Rebirth Skill :  Atk+10/Agi+10
Pros: Has ‘Last Stand’ and ‘Deft Step’, Very High Attack
Cons : Moderate Agility, HP, defense and wisdom
Original Skills:
Recommended Skills: LastStand, Deft Step, Phys+4
Recommended Skills+: LastStand, Deft Step, Phys+4 || Deft Step, Phys+4, Atk+10/Agi+10 :
Recommended Types: Ace > Fast : Chaotic > Powerful : Cool : Brave > Sexy: Intelligent
Recommended Types+: Ace+> Sonic : Bold > Berserk : Cool+ : Stalwart > Erotic : Wise
Charybdis is one of the guardians with both ‘Deft Step’ and ‘Last Stand’. With a very high attack stat on top of the skills, this makes her particularly effective against physical-based ‘Last Stand’ guardians as she can avoid their ‘Last Stand’ normal attacks with ‘Deft Step’ when both the player and enemy’s respective skills activate successfully. Charybdis is also highly effective against other physical-based guardians for that same reason. Users should note that ‘Deft Step’ is still luck based; guardians who act against her first can still take her out depending on luck. Her HP stat is also not considered to be high in higher tier coliseum battles.
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Name: Barbariccia

GCX Link :  Barbariccia 
Caster Type: Elemental/Dual 
Rebirth Card: Barbariccia OR Sphinx Empress
Rebirth Skill: Agi+25% 
Pros : Very high agility. Wis+20% boosts elemental damage. Quick Strike pre-rebirth 
Cons: Relatively low attack for QuickStrike. In general, not a strong attacker
Recommended Skills:QuickStrike, Wis+20, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+:QuickStrike, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Quick Strike, Agi+25, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Intelligent > Brave : Powerful :Cool>Sexy : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Wise > Stalwart : Berserk : Cool+>Bold: Erotic
General Description: Barbariccia has a high agility stat and 'Quick Strike', plus being a wind guardian with wind attacks that are good against earth/darkness guardians, she is more likely to survive a darkness attack. Her wisdom is not distinctly high, but she has Wis20 to help her with her damage output as an elemental guardian. She makes an excellent guardian to use in your lineup with her artwork, well-rounded stats and the strategic skill 'Quick Strike'. Users of Barbariccia may consider replacing Wis20 or ‘Quick Strike’ with Agi25 and she will deal more attacks more often, but her strategic value or trade value takes a big hit. 

Name :  Cagnazzo

GCX Link :  Cagnazzo 
Caster Type:Elemental/Dual 
Rebirth Card: Cagnazzo OR Apsara
Rebirth Skill: Wis+25 
Pros : High tanking ability due to very high HP and defense. Wis+25% compliments base wisdom for strong elemental offense and defense 
Cons: Low agility. Moderate LastStand damage due to lack of attack buffs 
Recommended Skills:Last Stand, Phys+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+:Last Stand, Wis+25, Elem+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Brave : Chaotic > Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Stalwart : Sonic > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Bold 
General Description: Cagnazzo has relatively good HP, attack, defense and wisdom stats, but he has low agility that can prevent him from participating in battles often. Before rebirth, he can serve as a dual caster if he is skilled with a physical+4 stone, and he has 'Last Stand' to dish out one more round of punishment if he is fast enough to do so. When reborn, he learns Wis25, which takes him away from being a dual caster and being more of an elemental guardian/tank, just like the Gilgameshes we find in the Glaverow Volcano, save that he is of water element and has slightly better stats.

Name :  Rubicante

GCX Link :  Rubicante 
Caster Type : Physical 
Rebirth Card: Rubicante OR Agni
Rebirth Skill: Atk25% 
Pros : High tanking ability due to very high HP. Moderately high overall stats. High base attack complimented by two strong attack buffs.  
Cons : When reborn, OHKO and tanking capabilities compromised by multiple buffs (i.e. Att45 or Att25Wis20).Needs phys+4 stone  
Recommended Skills:Atk+20, Wis+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+:Atk+25, Atk+20, Phys+4 || Atk+25, Wis+20, Phys+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Brave : Cool :Sexy>Powerful : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Bold : Sonic : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise  
General Description: Rubicante is initially built like Bahamut, with Att20 and Wis20. However, he has a much higher base HP stat than that of Bahamut, plus when he is rebirthed, he gets to use Att25, which puts him one big notch above Bahamut and even the likes of Titan. There is a small price to pay, albeit a small one - he needs a physical+4 skill stone to blaze the trail of owning his enemies. Post-rebirth Rubicante is very much like Anubis except slightly faster and slightly less tankier.

Name: Scarmiglione

GCX Link :  Scarmiglione 
Caster Type : Gamble/Dual
Rebirth Card: Scarmiglione OR Crocell
Rebirth Skill: Revive  
Pros : Death caster with revive; High attack recommends Phys+4 use 
Cons : Low overall stats. Low wisdom even with Wis+20 buff.  
Recommended Skills: Wis+20, Death3, Phys+4 || Wis+20, Death3, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+: Wis+20, Revive, Death3 || Wis+20, Revive, Phys+4||Revive,Phys+4, Death3  
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic > Brave : Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : stalwart > Berserk : Cool+>Wise: Erotic 
General Description: Scarmiglione has a good attack stat, but he's not skilled to be a physical guardian but an elemental guardian. He doesn't have any distinctively high stats, but he does have chance-based skills like Death+3 and 'Revive' when he is reborn. Scarmiglione would be what users wish to make of him, whether as a luck-based Death-skill caster who can revive as he is one of the few who can do so, or as an above-average physical guardian or fairly decent elemental guardian who can revive. Whatever users want to make of him, he will be and serve your lineup in the oddest way possible. Fully stoning all his stats is a big priority compared to other 5* guardians to maximise his potential.

Name :  Golbez

GCX Link :  Golbez 
Caster Type : Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Golbez OR Thor
Rebirth Skill: Last Stand  
Pros : Very high tanking ability against physical attacks due to high HP and extremely high defense. High wisdom with Wis+20% buff gives strong elemental damage 
Cons : Very low agility. Low base attack for LastStand damage 
Recommended Skills: Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4 
Recommended Skills+: Last Stand, Wis+20, Elem+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Brave > Fast : Cool :Sexy>Chaotic: Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : Stalwart > Sonic : Cool+ > Erotic:Bold: Berserk 
General Description: Just like when the bordered version came out, Golbez has great defense stats and his high HP and wisdom stats, along with 'Last Stand' and Wis20. However, his agility is just as slow. Nevertheless, he is a monster in elemental attacks and takes immense punishments from both physical and elemental attacks, especially physical attacks. Golbez needs great placing in the user’s lineup to participate in coliseum battles often.  
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Name :  Odin

GCX Link :  Odin 
Caster Type : Physical 
Rebirth Card :Odin OR Anubis  
Rebirth Skill: Def-20%  
Pros : Extremely high agility & attack. Overall decent stats 
Cons : Low MP causing compromise between choice of buffs
Recommended Skills : Atk+25, Def+20, Phys+4

RecommendedSkills+: Atk+25, Def-20, Phys+4 || Atk+25, Def+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic > Powerful : Cool >Brave:Sexy : Intelligent 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold > Berserk : Cool+ >Stalwart:Erotic : Wise
General Description: With high HP, attack and agility stat and Att25 buff, Odin should be played as a physical guardian. He can choose between using Def20 or Def-20 depending on user preference and on which coliseum tier the user is at. In any case, how Odin is innately built will mean that sexy and intelligent type may fare worse in battles with reduced attack and HP stats to reduce survivability and OHKO ability in coliseum battles. To end off, Brave/Stalwart Odins may have issues with MP so do take note. Zantetsuken!

Name :  Shinryu

GCX Link :  Shinryu 
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card :Shinryu OR Marchosias
Rebirth Skill : Agi-20% 
Pros : High HP,WisdomandAgility. Quick Strike pre-rebirth
Cons :ModeratelylowDefense. Low QuickStrike damage due to moderate baseAttack  
RecommendedSkills: Quick Strike, Wis-20, Elem+4 || Quick Strike, Agi-20,Elem+4
RecommendedSkills+: Quick Strike, Wis-20, Elem+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Brave : Intelligent > Cool :Powerful>Sexy : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Stalwart : Wise > Cool+ :Berserk>Erotic : Bold 
General Description: Shinryu has a great stat distribution, 'Quick Strike', +4 elemental attacks and Att-20, Agi-20 and Wis-20 to choose from. Users of Shinryu may view it as they would a Serpentress Lamia, except that Shinryu has more debuffs to choose from, is a bit slower and tankier. Physical build Shinryus should use either Att-20 or Agi-20, while elemental build Shinryus should use either Agi-20 or Wis-20, and more likely the Wis-20 debuff as it improves Shinryu’s OHKO ability.

Name :  Omega

GCX Link :  Omega 
Caster Type:Gamble/Elemental  
Rebirth Card :Omega OR Pandora
RebirthSkill: Atk-20%  
Pros : Extremely High HP for high tanking ability. Moderately high overall stats Extremely High MP for strong SD damage. Cons : Low Agility makes it slow. 
Recommended Skills: Self Destruct, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Wis-20,Elem+4||Wis+20, Elem+4, Elem+4

Recommended Skills+: Self Destruct, Wis+20, Elem+4 || Wis+20, Wis-20,Elem+4 ||Wis+20,Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent > Cool : Sexy : Fast : Brave>Powerful: Chaotic  
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise > Cool+ : Sonic : Stalwart : Erotic>Berserk: Bold  General Description: Omega is definitely a tank and a bomb. It has extremely high HP and MP stats, with 'Self Destruct' to deal massive damage to its enemies when successful and debuffs to weaken the enemy if killing the enemy isn't successful. Omega also has Wis20 and elemental+4 attacks to use so that even while awaiting ‘Self Destruct’ to be triggered, it may take out more than one guardian in battles, at the cost of dealing less damage with ‘Self Destruct’.

Name :  Siren

GCX Link :  Siren 
Caster Type : Gamble
Rebirth Card : Siren OR Kali
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Wis+10% 
Pros : High wisdom and agility. Has Death+4 and Revive for strong gamble build
Cons : Gamble skill success isn't guaranteed. Low physical defense  
Recommended Skills: Revive, Wis+20, Death4 
Recommended Skills+: Revive, Wis+20, Death4 || Revive, Agi/Wis+10, Death4 
Recommended Types:Ace> Intelligent : Fast > Cool : Brave :Sexy>Chaotic : Powerful 
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Wise : sonic > Cool+ : Stalwart : Erotic>Bold: Berserk 
General Description: Unlike Scarmiglione, Siren is much better built. With good base wisdom and MP stats, Siren is definitely an elemental guardian, and a Death caster at that. Siren also learns 'Revive' which is a good combination with casting Death skills. In a best-case scenario, she takes out three enemies with Death+4 and revives to last as long as possible, and in a worst-case scenario, she doesn't kill any enemies at all and doesn't revive. Therefore, Siren is also considered a luck-based guardian, but with ‘Revive’ it has a better chance of participating longer in battles and taking out more guardians than most guardians can with Death4.

Name : FFV Gilgamesh

GCX Link :  FFV Gilgamesh 
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: FFV Gilgamesh OR Gilgamesh
Rebirth Skill: Agi/Atk+10% 
Pros : Extremely High HP. Very High attack. High agility, defense, MP and wisdom
Cons : Last Stand is chance-based. Earth guardian which is weak to trending darkness attack.
Recommended Skills: Atk+20, Last Stand, Phys+4
Recommended Skills+: Atk+20, Last Stand, Phys+4
Recommended Types:Ace> Fast : Chaotic : Brave > Powerful : Cool>Sexy: Intelligent
Recommended Types+:Ace+> Sonic : Bold : Stalwart > Berserk :Cool+>Erotic : Wise
General Description: FFV Gilgamesh has superb stats all around. Because of his great stats distribution, he will do very well as any type, even the reborn non-ace types. Some users have also used intelligent/Wise types and reskilled his Phys4 with an element+4 attack, but this is rare and Gilgamesh shines much better as a physical guardian, not an elemental guardian. Also, he is an earth element guardian so darkness attacks will prevail against him. Users who wish to give him a stronger ‘Last Stand’ attack should keep Att20 over Att10Agi10 as buffs boosting agility take one attack before they become active and there is the chance that Gilgamesh may not perform one, no matter how slim it is.

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Name : Lord of the Inferno

GCX Link : Lord of the Inferno  
Caster Type : Dual
Rebirth Card : Lord of the Inferno OR Ifrit
Rebirth Skill : Atk/Def+10% 
Pros: Moderate HP and defense, Wis+30% effective buff, can be used as physical after RB with high attack and Atk/Def+10% buff, fire is good defensive type 
Cons : Low Agility.Low base wisdom
Recommended Skills: Wis+10, Wis+20, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+: Wis+10,Wis+20,Elem+4 || Atk/Def+10,Def+20,Phys+4
Recommended Types: Ace> Intelligent : Fast : Brave > Cool :Sexy>Powerful : Chaotic  
Recommended Types+: Ace+ > Sonic:Wise: Bold > Cool : Berserk : Stalwart > Erotic
General Description : As part the first invitational campaign, he was avaiable for 25 referrals but only as Cool type. He was later obtainable during the "Grab-a-Golbez" campaign, so he is available in other types unlike the other two invitational 5*. With a Wis10 and Wis20 buff, he used to be a decent card for his cost, but as he is now a collector's item and shouldn't really be sought after for coliseum purposes considering his price tag. Post rebirth he can also be used as a Physical guardian with a Att10 buff. 

Name : Godvessel Vimana

GCX Link : Godvessel Vimana
Caster Type : Elemental
Rebirth Card :NA
RebirthSkill: NA 
Pros : Moderately high wisdom for OHKO & defense to tank physical & elemental attacks
Cons : Very low base agility, unable to rebirth
Recommended Skills: Last Stand, Wis25, Light+4
Recommended Type : Cool
General Description : Godvessel Vimana has pretty good stats all-around besides its agility. Its ‘Last Stand’ scratch is mediocre compared to other similar guardians, but its base agility is low to a point that it may not be able to deal a +4 attack or a ‘Last Stand’ hit. Still, with its high base wisdom and Wis25 buff, Godvessel Vimana can deal a sizeable element+4 attack and perhaps finish off the enemy with a ‘Last Stand’ hit. It can cast element+4 attacks three times after being fully stoned, but the odds of that happening with low agility are very slim. Users should just fully stone all its other stats so it can hold its own against weaker 5* guardians.

Name : Iron Maiden

GCX Link : Iron Maiden 
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card :Iron Maiden OR Vampire Matron
RebirthSkill: Atk/Agi+10%  
Pros : Very high attack with buffs, moderate agility with buff.
Cons : Low base agility.Cool type only  
Recommended Skills: Atk+20, Agi+20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+: Atk/Agi+10, Atk+20,Phys+4 
Recommended Type : Cool
Recommended Type+: Cool+

General Description : The first 5* of the second invitational set, Iron Maiden is a physical guardian often likened to a "5* version of Vampire" before Rebirth was introduced. Post-RB, she has even better damage with a total of Att30Agi10 worth of buffs, putting her in the spotlight as one of the most cost-effective glass cannons as of today. However, the fact that she only has cool type available is a pretty sad downside, although she was catch-able in a recent Japanese GC event. So hopefully, we can expect her to be available in hunting grounds during an event in the future.

Name : Requiem Banshee

GCX Link :  Requiem Banshee 
Caster Type : Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Requiem Banshee OR Serenade Banshee
Rebirth Skill: Dark+4  
Pros : Learns Revive. Moderately high wisdom
Cons: Low defense stat, irrelevant def-20% debuff. Cool type only 
Recommended Skills: Revive, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Skills+: Revive, Elem+4, Elem+4  
Recommended Type : Cool
Recommended Type+: Cool+

General Description : The last card available in the second invitational set, requiem banshee is comparable to an intelligent VM in stats. Her biggest flaw in that she doesn't get a Wis buff post-RB limits her viability, and the cool-only rule doesn't help either. However, considering her cost, she is still a highly efficient card for beginners and intermediate players. She was also catch-able during the Japanese event. So we can hopefully expect her to be available in hunting grounds during an event in the future.

Name : Idun

GCX Link :  Idun
Caster Type : Elemental 
Rebirth Card: Idun
Rebirth Skill: Def/Wis+10%
Pros : Multiple wisdom buffs to boost OHKO ability
Cons: Low survivability, moderate wisdom
Recommended Skills: Wis10, Earth4, Wis20 
Recommended Skills+: Earth4, Wis20, Def10Wis10 
Recommended Type : Cool
Recommended Type+: Cool+

General Description : Idun has Wis10 and Wis20 buffs that allow her to deal stronger OHKO with elemental attacks. The buffs are necessary as her base wisdom is not high as the usual Elemental guardians. Rebirth allows her to get Def10Wis10 to replace Wis10 for better survivability. This is necessary because her base HP and base defense stats are also quite low. Stoning her attack stat is not necessary at all, unlike stoning her other stats that will definitely improve her capabilities greatly in Coliseum battles. Her MP will only need a very slight stone boost to cast her buffs and attacks twice.
Name : Artemis

GCX Link :  Artemis
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: Artemis
Rebirth Skill: Att/Agi+10%
Pros : Moderately high attack and defense, gets Att10Agi10 for stronger attacks
Cons: Moderately low HP, Low OHKO potential without stat stoning
Recommended Skills: Deft Step, Light+4, Phys+4  
Recommended Skills+: Deft Step, Phys+4, Att10Agi10
Recommended Type : Cool
Recommended Type+: Cool+

General Description : Artemis serves as a substitute for Lilith, except that she deals damage with physical attacks instead of elemental attacks like Lilith does. She has a high base attack stat to deal strong Phys4 and a decent MP and agility stat to be able to better utilize ‘Deft Step’ when it activates, such that she can scratch the enemy more often. Her rebirth skill, Att10Agi10. makes her physical attacks stronger and gives her more opportunity to dish out more attacks while in play.
Name : Ragnarok

GCX Link :  Ragnarok
Caster Type : Physical
Rebirth Card: Ragnarok
Rebirth Skill: Att/Def+10%
Pros : Very high attack, HP and defense which works very well with 'Deadly Reflex'
Cons: Low wisdom and moderately low agility
Recommended Skills: Deadly Reflex, Def25, Phys+4 OR Deadly Reflex, Att20, Phys+4 
Recommended Skills+: Deadly Reflex, Att10Def10, Phys+4
Recommended Type : Cool
Recommended Type+: Cool+

General Description : Ragnarok has very good HP and defense stats that allow him to tank attacks very well. These stats also complement his ‘Deadly Reflex’ well as it allows for him to potentially OHKO the enemy with scratches even if  MP is insufficient to cast Phys4. However, Ragnarok does have a low agility stat and there is also the danger that Ragnarok faces elemental guardians instead of physical guardians. Here, his usefulness drops considerably against them. Users should consider Ragnarok’s placement carefully to maximize him in any battle.

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Thanks to Lapresis, Luci, nutmagz, Dyzee, Plitzskin and Voidwing.

Pros/Cons/General Descriptions Editing: Lapresis : FF, nutmagz : Volcano, Plitzskin: Plains, Voidwing : Giants and Invites, Dyzee: Snowfield, Luci : Desert, Teh427 : Ocean
Thanks to Remini for error reporting on type orders.
Thanks to everyone for making this forum so enjoyable. 
Thanks to Windyfox and TMK/Teh’s guide which I've used for cross reference and verifica\tion. Thanks to all the users who will benefit from this. 
Thanks to everyone who will help with the modifications and recommendations henceforth.
I hope this guide is useful to everyone. This has been made primarily for the newbies and also for my own usage. Whether it will be popularly used or not is something for the community to decide. I've tried my best to provide a simple yet comprehensive and unbiased solution. Thanks for reading. 

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